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What We Do and We Are

K. Nyumbani short for “Karibu Nyumbani” which is Swahili for “Welcome Home”. K. Nyumbani is  a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2020 by Ryan Nigel Shelton, a former at-risk youth, who is now a public speaker and prison reform activist. At K. Nyumbani, we ease the integration process from incarceration to society by assisting in the areas most problematic to those formerly incarcerated. Our objective is to provide rent-free housing, paid hands-on training and supportive services in the areas of financial awareness and mental health. 

K. Nyumbani is acutely aware of the following pain points in the criminal justice system that have spurred us to action.

  • Since 1970 the United States incarcerated population has increased by 700%.

  • 2.3 million people incarcerated today.

  • 92% of those will be released back into society.

  • 77% of those released will return to prison within 5 years

At K. Nyumbani, we believe mending the lives of those who have been affected by mass incarceration is the first step to solving the issue. Providing free-housing on site and paid training allows those reentering society a chance to learn a trade, gain confidence, and contribute to society in a beneficial way. In combination with a controlled positive community and supportive services we believe this is the formula to combat recidivism and better society as a whole. K. Nyumbani is currently in its seed phase in order to raise funds to begin construction.

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