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Upon the “Growth Stage” of K. Nyumbani our program will be in full swing.
The program will be designed in the following structure:

Women Holding Hands


Phase one of the construction program will be four weeks. The first week will consist of orientation in which participants will be onboarded and program expectations and regulations are explained. 

Upon completion of orientation, participants will be officially relocated into a tiny house to establish as their primary residence while in program. These tiny homes are all adjacent to one another on-site to encourage community bonding as well as providing a controlled setting. Week three will focus solely on community bonding and group therapy. In order for one to feel a part of their community one must first feel comfortable within that community. 

The second half of week three will be intensive group therapy sessions to promote positive healing and conflict resolution. These sessions will be lead by a mental health professional with the goal of identifying our participants’ mental health needs and mend emotional trauma stemming from incarceration

Phase One: 4 Weeks

  • Orientation

  • Relocation (Moving into Tiny House)

  • Community Bonding and Therapy

  • OSHA 10 and Tool Safety

  • Tool Applications.

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board


Phase two of the program will be 40 weeks. The first twenty weeks will consist of general construction training in the areas of carpentry, roofing, plumbing and electrical. The following three weeks will be a classroom setting in which trainees will learn the fundamentals of solar technology and battery storage. Phase two will finish out with a focus on the installation basics of solar. Trainees will perform complete installation of solar systems on Attachment Dwelling Units (Tiny Homes) under the supervision of an experienced foreman. The last week of phase two will end with a performance evaluation. Trainees will be evaluated on the performance in categories in which they have been trained.

Phase Two: 40 weeks

  • General Construction Training

  • Solar Technology & Battery Storage 101

  • Solar Training

  • General Construction Skills Testing

Tradesman and Architect at Construction


Upon completion of the performance evaluation in phase two trainees will then enter phase three. In phase three trainees will be given the option to specialize in a trade in which they have been trained. Trainees may specialize in carpentry, electrical, solar, or plumbing. Participants will continue to train in the trade of choice until completion of the program. The final 16 weeks of phase three will provide housing relocation and job placement support services. These services are vital for the long-term success of our participants.

Phase Three: 60 weeks

  • Specialize

  • Job Readiness Review

  • Housing & Job Placement



Ages 18-28

Previously Incarcerated

Lift up to 50 lbs or more (construction materials, etc.)

Drug Test

Eager to Learn


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